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Venda - Land of Legend

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Right up north near the Zimbabwean border visitors will find the former homeland of Venda where the local inhabitants are characterised by their graceful, lanky figures and dark features. Thought to have crossed the Limpopo River during several migrations starting in the 12th Century, these people have fought off attacks by other Nguni tribes and Voortrekkers.

Today they form the closely linked cultural identity of the scenic Limpopo basin.

Venda offers a great variety of landscapes and attractions which have considerable appeal to those in search of unspoilt natural beauty and who seek the opportunity to explore the history, culture and life-style of a most fascinating people.

To visit Venda is to discover a little about the real Africa and a group that traces its roots back to the Great Lakes of Central Africa and the culture of Great Zimbabwe.

From the lush highlands of the central mountains where streams and waterfalls tumble down forested valleys, to the arid but totally fascinating world of the baobab and mopani, traditional arts and crafts, singing and dancing, legends and superstitions dominate the simple lifestyle of the people.

Venda has been called the Land of a Hundred Streams and also a Land of Legend, and here a small but well-run tourism industry provides the visitors with camps, chalets, luxury rooms and touring facilities which allows them the opportunity to experience the culture and beauty of the Venda peoples.
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Significado de Venda

substantivo femininoFaixa com que se cobrem os olhos.
[Figurado] Tirar a venda dos olhos, esclarecer a coisa.
[Figurado] Ter uma venda nos olhos, n